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Jun 11, 2024 |

What is the future of online platforms for course creators, this post will try to predict what the future will be like and how it will help us.

The Future of your online course and platform a prediction from Zenler

In this post, I want to try to predict the future of online education specifically online platforms.

All of the points mentioned are not pulled out of thin air but rather based on current trends in course platforms for the last 5 years and beyond.

Take a Journey with me 20 years into the future

A Possible Future for an Online Course Creator?
I want to take a journey with you into the future as a course creator using an online platform. Imagine this: the alarm goes off first thing in the morning. You connect your earset to your implant, where you will start receiving information with just a thought. You literally have a virtual office in your mind. You ask for updates on student activity and any notifications from your online hub.
This tells you of any alerts or problems your students are facing. You can directly address them, sending a notification to the student backed up by a lesson note for that particular student. When you walk into your office, you just use a word command to start up your integrated computer system that is built into your office, apartment, or home. From there, holographic screens appear, allowing you to directly interface with your online school.
You can call up your virtual AI assistant and have conversations about improving your members' experience. You can create media, graphics, and content directly from speech. You can also edit manually if required. What used to take you weeks can now take hours, making you more productive. This is one example of how technology could help us in the future. For now, we're already using AI to create course outlines and text content for our pages.

We have this built into the Zenler platform, allowing you to easily manage your online school. We know AI will feature massively from this point on. If you are one of those creators resistant to AI, you are doing yourself a disservice by not learning and understanding it. AI at this point in time means you are in full control of your online school or membership. Don't hide away in some dark corner.

Come out into the light and use AI as the tool it was intended to be: to help us, to advance us, and to move technology forward, securing our future. Check out our blog to find out all the ways future developments on course platforms are going to take place. These are our predictions here at Zenler. We hope you enjoy this little vlog from us at Zenler.

Will AI play a big part in the future of online educational systems?

You bet your bottom dollar it will!

Generative AI will open up a world of opportunities for you and your students, what will these look like?

Should we be worried about our businesses as an online course creator? The short answer is no as with all technological advances we need to make sure that we adapt to use these resources rather than be scared and hide in some corner hoping AI will pass us by.

Personally, I look at this as the future development of our technologically advancing world. It is not to be scared of but to be utilised to its fullest potential.

We as creators should be looking at the best interest of our students and our participants with this in mind if AI can provide a better learning experience for the students for us this is better

It will always remain that people want connection with other people and this is our key value to whatever we sell as course creators we are used to being without community. We need to develop a closer to our community and students and address individual needs in a compassionate caring way, we need to nurture these students and provide them with positivity and motivation for them to succeed and learn to their greatest potential. AI will help us with all the technical aspects of our business.

It is true to say that AI might be able to create everything for us, but we should always be in control and we should always be the star of our business

Let’s assume that can handle everything for ourselves you might ask yourself what is the point of us. It’s a valid question that we could debate for hours the fact remains it is us and our connection to our students that makes what we are selling of value.

The need to be authentically you

There is never been a more important time to be your authentic best self people will be sceptical of any content online being written by AI to the point where there are humanises for AI to make AI content sound more human

Why because AI is just too good at structuring and laying out content it has been seen that search engines look on this in this favourable manner however AI is an important aspect of our business and even search engines are beginning to be a little bit more relaxed as long as the content is accurate

If we look at this trend of humanisation it tells us that there’s never been more of a need for content to be written in the style and manner of each individual in an authentic way and not in a sterile way as AI

Being alive and front in centre of your audience is going to be a key aspect of course creation in the future. It is important that you get used to being live in front of your audience in order to prove that you are the expert in your niche.

It’s an exciting time for us as course creators it will mean we can work faster to produce more content but always be in control of that content even if we are using AI

We want to make sure that every part of our business has our authenticity built into it what you are listening to now is an AI-generated voice. I’m sure you’ll agree. It sounds very sterile and not full of personality. I’m sure in the future AI will develop and it will become almost distinguishable.

Let’s continue and look at the future online course platforms and what we can expect for our online business

AI and online course platforms key benefits:

  • AI-driven search and questions based on the content you supply
  • Course content and curriculum generation ( already being used by Zenler)
  • AI Generative surveys and quizzes
  • Automatic grading via AI
  • Scoring and Gamification
  • Generative automation based on triggers and events
  • Community administration is handled by your virtual AI assistant
  • Live chat management by AI with alerts for you
  • AI never sleeps so it’s on demand and can message you or alert you on all aspects of your online platform
  • AI template manager and student interaction

All of this I think will be generated based on your data, it in effect it will have to be otherwise it’s just pulling data from the web.

We will be discussing AI more and its benefits for you as an instructor later in the post.

But even now you can see how the future is being shaped.

With AI the future of online course platforms is going to be fun and offer an immersive experience for your students.

Marketing powered by generative AI

As well as course material and content AI will play a big part in marketing at every level, from cold, warm and existing students AI will adapt to each.

In some ways, this is the most interesting part of the future of online education and beyond.

Imagine AI takes user info and determines what sort of person this is by its interaction it is able to quickly adapt and create the perfect marketing just for this individual catering to each person's specific needs.

This is the future and you better be ready because love AI or hate it one thing is for sure it’s here to stay.

AI Helping you as a course creator

Now we will look at how AI can help you as a course creator.

As well as handling all aspects of the school governed by you of course, it will also be your best fan, you will teach it and it will try to mirror your authentic style, it might even suggest ideas or concepts to you.

Governing bodies on AI use will of course be in place to not let it take over but there will be a point where this may or may not work, we do not truly know.

AI will guide you on media and content it will create quicker and allow you to do countless revisions in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it.

AI might even take on an avatar form and be able to star alongside you.

Key benefits of AI assistance as a course creator:

  • Outline your courses
  • Create media
  • Setup assignments
  • Setup quizzes
  • Setup surveys
  • Look after your members
  • Be more like you from learning from you
  • Be an assistant
  • Motivate you
  • Give your ideas or use for brainstorming

You can see your AI could be your closest ally.

But is the future more than AI

Video and Lives will play a massive part in connection with your audience in the future

Yes absolutely I think people will break into two areas and one thing is for sure AI will make people very sceptical

There will never be more of a need for lives and videos with you as your true self

Video will be king the epicentre of all you do, be real be live.

The Virtual Reality Arena

VR and the deep virtual environment will be our playground it’s will change the way course are displayed and interacted with.

Deep learning will be embedded into this scenario, and people will look for an accelerated learning experience.

Choosing courses to adapt to their personal needs, allows them to change and modify curriculums on the fly.

It will be delivered by virtual glasses but may later become a chip where you will have direct access to everything.

Remember Joe 90?

Oh no I am showing my age hehe
Joe 90 could be programmed to learn new skills, he sat in a chair and this machine spun around him.
I think the future will be similar downloading of skills in a fraction of the time.


For sure 100% some of these will come to pass and in fact, already are let’s see how the next 10 years will go?

Or of course, all the robots take over and kill us all 🤣

Zenler already Adapting to this

Zenler already uses AI to create copy and even a course outline based on your prompt, cutting-edge online course platforms like Zenler are leading the way on this technology.

Main Points covered in this article

  • AI's Role in Online Education:
    • Generative AI will create new opportunities for students and course creators.
    • AI will handle technical aspects, allowing creators to focus on student engagement and community building.
    • AI-driven features include search, content generation, surveys, quizzes, grading, gamification, community administration, live chat management, and template management.
  • Human Connection and Authenticity:
    • Despite AI's capabilities, human connection remains crucial.
    • Course creators need to maintain authenticity and be present in front of their audience.
    • Authentic content creation is essential to avoid sterile, AI-generated material.
  • Marketing with AI:
    • AI will play a significant role in personalized marketing, adapting to individual user needs.
    • AI can create tailored marketing strategies based on user interactions.
  • AI Assistance for Course Creators:
    • AI can help outline courses, create media, set up assignments, quizzes, and surveys, manage members, and provide ideas and motivation.
    • AI can learn from the creator to mirror their style and act as an assistant.
  • Video and Live Content:
    • Video and live sessions will be essential for connecting with the audience.
    • Authentic, live content will be more valued in the future.
  • Virtual Reality (VR):
    • VR will transform course delivery and interaction, providing immersive learning experiences.
    • Future advancements may include direct access to information through virtual glasses or other technologies.
  • Predictions:
    • Many of these trends are already emerging and will continue to develop over the next decade.
    • Zenler is already incorporating AI to create course content and outlines based on prompts.

I hope you have enjoyed this post please comment I would love to hear your ideas for the future of online course platforms

All the best Zenler

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