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Jun 06, 2024 |

We all want to speed up our workflow right? well we can by using AI I am going to show you how you can get a more genuine human type response from AI.

Hey everyone, thanks for joining today! Let’s chat about something that's on everyone’s mind lately: 

AI and content creation. With more systems using AI detectors to make sure content isn't just churned out by robots, it brings up some cool points to think about. Remember when Kevin and I did that live session on AI’s future, especially about how search engines might react? Well, AI is evolving fast, and it’s being used more than ever. Things are moving at lightning speed.

This article is current as of 3rd May 2024, keep an eye on changes as things are moving fast in the world of AI we always recommend genuine content over AI, but Ai can assist us.

Why Authentic Content Matters

Kevin made a great point about the need for genuine content. It’s super important to make sure your work is truly your own. If it is, congrats, it’s 100% human! But if your writing is too structured and AI-like, it might still get flagged as AI. Google says they don’t mind AI content as long as it’s accurate and valuable. They’ve been cracking down on low-quality, spammy stuff for years, and that goes for AI-generated content too. The key is to keep your content high-quality and useful.

How automation can create helpful content
By Google

When it comes to automatically generated content, our guidance has been consistent for years. Using automation—including AI—to generate content with the primary purpose of manipulating ranking in search results is a violation of our spam policies.
Google has many years of experience dealing with automation being used in an attempt to game search results. Our spam-fighting efforts—including our SpamBrain system—will continue, however spam is produced.
This said, it's important to recognize that not all use of automation, including AI generation, is spam. Automation has long been used to generate helpful content, such as sports scores, weather forecasts, and transcripts. AI has the ability to power new levels of expression and creativity, and to serve as a critical tool to help people create great content for the web.
This is in line with how we've always thought about empowering people with new technologies. We'll continue taking this responsible approach, while also maintaining a high bar for information quality and the overall helpfulness of content on Search.
From Google:

Using AI as Your Helper, Not Your Replacement

Think of AI as your sidekick, not the main writer. If you’re stuck, let AI give you a few ideas or draft a paragraph, but then make it your own. Writing is hard work, and AI can help speed things up, but your unique voice should always come through. You’re the star of the show, not the AI.

How AI Fits into SEO

In an SEO blog workshop I ran, we made sure all our blog content was human-written. Videos and live sessions are essential because they’re harder to fake. People are getting more skeptical of written content, thinking it might be AI-generated. Seeing you talk about a topic in a video builds trust. If you’re camera-shy, a confidence coach might be a good idea.

Playing Around with AI-Generated Content

I did a little experiment to see if AI could create content that feels human. I asked it to write a 500-word post about Zenler, a course platform. Quillbot’s AI detector said 92% of it was AI-written. By tweaking the prompt to make it sound more natural, I got the score down to 75%. Simplifying it further to a college-level style made it 100% human-written.

Making AI Content Feel Real

To get AI content to feel human, you need to play around with prompts and keep checking the results. Once the content looks good, take it into ChatGPT, use it as a base, and then tweak it to add your voice. Make sure it’s accurate and valuable. This whole process took me under three minutes, and the result was pretty good.

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re using AI to create content, be careful to keep it accurate and valuable. Use AI to help you, not to replace your writing. Test your content with AI checkers and adjust as needed to make it more human. The goal is to create genuine, high-quality content. I hope this helps you with your content creation journey. Take care, everyone!

Prompts Used

Prompt 1: Write a 500-word post about Zenler, the all-in-one course platform, and how it can help you. Features include marketing funnels, communities, built-in live types, course and membership creation, email list building, and blogs.

Prompt 2: Write a 500-word post again, make it less AI and more human.

Prompt 3: Make it less structured and more college-level reading

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